Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Endless ladders
Knots and threads
And more is the confusion
It is chaotic
It feels right
A tangle of THINGS
Of whats and what-nots
And wheres and whens and hows
The seeker ascends
The endless ladder
Leading to the ultimate destination
The place where it began
Before there was an aim
There was
And after the end has ended
It shall be
As it was
As it should have been
And was not yet is
Before the beginning
Is there chaos?
Or what is order then?

My dearest wish

I've always wanted to go away
Walk alone for years and days
And nothing between the horizon and me
But the foaming-frothing deep-blue sea...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joke of Pretences

Whew, writers block is a horrible thing. Not that I have legions of fans beating down my door to read anything, it's just a personal thing. Anyway, I have a muse. She broke my block by giving me an interesting perspective on 'facades' that people put up for others. I started thinking on how everyone has a facade and how ultimately it's more of a filter.

We all live behind veils
Of our own creation
Laughing at the tales
We seemingly display
Yet the joke lies ever upon us
For through our masks
Does come coloured and dimmed
Even brightest light of day