Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A much maligned verse...

The queen of hearts
She made some tarts
On a hot summer's day.

Being unwise
She didn't realise
That the King of Hearts was gay

All the kings
With silver rings
And moustaches dark as soot

All except our quiet, queer King
Without the silver ring
And clean shaven to boot

But not so naive
Was our queenly wife
And she found out the truth

"Off with their heads!"
As they lay in their bed
Cried our Hearty wife

But laws have changed
Become less deranged
Now 377 is gone for life

Now bug-ger-ing
Of its odious ring
Is forever shorn

And queer-O's say
And the day they have won!

So the queen of hearts
She made some tarts
On a hot summer's day

Eating the tarts she made
Screwn the Jack of Spades
The King of Hearts contented lay.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

End of Creation?

Why don't I write anymore? Why haven't I drawn for 5 years? It's a strange and irrelevant question, forgive me for lapsing into this phase of self-importance, ironically the very act of my apology to the reader implies a conceit of presuming that there IS one!

And it is this that I seek to address. I haven't drawn for ages because I was afraid of drawing, of not being able to complete my task efficently, not merely out of a lack of skill, but due to a warp in my logic, a lack of completeness in the vision of the thing I choose to represent in my art or my prose. An unneccessary, unnatural fear, not merely of being wrong, but being wrong and ignorant of its cause, in short being irremedially wrong.

I found that when I viewed paintings I had done years ago, weeks ago even hours ago, seemed empty and vapid. Not devoid of complete meaning and purpose but worst of all: lacking in perspective.

I tore them up. I burnt them and scattered their unseemly ashes.

What a fool I was! In my conceit, to believe perfection would be attained so easily! If one's goals are achieved without effort, there would be no meaning to the word GOAL then. Magic, as a force of life, would have a logic but would be devoid of a REASON for existence.

It is this realisation that helps one grow, I shared it with you; dear Reader; not to help you avoid my mistake, because that is impossible, you have to make your own unique mistakes and learn from them, but to share with you this greatest truth, that I have REASONED, and that which you have reasoned before me, or after me, is irrelevant, for in the light of the absolute truth, chronology is of least importance...

All Rational things are logical
All logical things are not rational.

That which has not a reason for existence, does not. Logic is a mere gauge of possibility of existence, not a determinant of it.

So fellow humans, do not, in pursuit of reason, be led astray by your own logic and leave the Path of Reason, and do not forget to forgive my patronising, condescending, preachy choice of prose! Humourous articles shall follow soon... Bye! Gotta paint!