Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I feel bogged down
Among the swamps
Of controlled orderly thought
Is it age that drives me?
Or conformity that guides me?
Or the chaos of boredom
Disordered and bereft of reason
To be bored is to have ONE line
Of thought defined
To be bored is to know nothing
But an eternal gnawing
Inside the mind
To be bored is to see
With jaundice-ridden eyes
The bitter pain of living
With a limited body
Housing a limitless mind
To be bored is to die
A thousand deaths
To live and yet not
To see and yet not
To question the relevance
Of each breath taken
To lie asleep and hope
Never to awaken
To be bored is death

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sea of the Living

Bumping and tumbling
To the rhythm on deck
As we swing and sway
To the rhythm of the Sea
Salty are my eyes
Swept by the wind
That blows towards virgin lands
And from stale shores left behind
A shooting star races the rain down
As I make a wish to see ahead
We all go forward and look behind
And hear tales carried
By the sweet breeze laden
With the moisture of the Sea
The winds are blowing
And the waves are flowing
As the Sea carries me on
Away from the lands
Where I began and now
 To them we are gone
And we have moved on
To other lands and distant shores
Only the wind runs to and fro
As it sees stories embedded
In the foaming waves carried on
Yet to those left behind
And to those who await alike
We are gone
And we have moved on
Or they are gone....

Out of sight is out of mind...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Atheists Lament

It would be so easy
To just believe
In tales of immortals
Of men who are giants
And of beauties beyond skin
I would give my life to see
Something beyond the grip
Of cold man-made reason
And find that life is more
Than mere flesh and bones
And to discover the spirit within