Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Reason- Marijuana Fix

I walk in a dusty haze
Where dreams come and wake you from reality
Where slumber is the disturbance
An infinite melody of noise
Beseeches acceptance from reluctant ears
It's lonely out here in the crowd
And indistinct shapes lend company
to my solitude and my pain
I feel burdened by none
Of what matters to ordinary mortals
I soar above desire in a valley
Of air where I see my substance
My soul solidified by my fancies of thought
And dreams take flight
And are brought soaring up by the power
Of conscious thought made free
And unburdened, unchained save by air
Like an eagle I soar
In the deep vales of my own Dark consciousness
And I see my soul of fire
Unstained by flame or by mortality
Once is eternal
An instant spells doom
And the shards of immortality I gather
To save my dying spirit from the finality
And fear lest they pierce
the very thing they were meant to protect
I fly on in hope...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Triad Rules

The following post was conceived in the midst of the Triad meeting on a gentle winter's day. The Triad is Me, Ak and Suck. We RULE! Love to them both...

The Sunbeams' Sorrow

Sitting in the sunshine
On a winter morning fading
Watching as the leaves fall in rhyme
Yellowed by autumn's jading
Brusquely bitter as the touch of time

The wind blows messages covertly
to ears deafened by its passion
and the words are lost in a mystery
the manner of things worldly in fashion
a burst of faded energy

Sunmbeams brave their way
through the burning touch of cold
and in gentle rhythmic sway
their healing touch unfold
and let Morning guide Day

The sunbeams that are lost
On their way through
the embittered touch of frost
they find sanctuary
in the embrace of moistly glowing clouds that need them most

Some sunbeams are lost forever
And the ways to Earth they cannot find
And in their bittered joy fading never
Their own happiness they bind
And those paths they trace...
Forever and ever and ever...

Saturday, January 3, 2009


On a cold january morning
When the fog levels all colours
All is discoloured
All is united in white
And all encompassing indistinction
Where reality entwines itself around
The pillars of ones perceptions
And they are shaken in the act of expansion
Tremors that perhaps only the strong
And the weak can endure

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Farewell to the sea

‘Tis with heavy heart and heavier feet
That I take my leave of thee
Boundless Ocean where heaven and earth meet
O mystery of mortals! O restless sea!

‘Twas a fateful day when I first met
And since that day you have stirred in me
The longing that I can’t forget nor regret
The unquenchable thirst for the Sound of the Sea

Your briny Deeps unexplored from Beginning
And Virgin you shall remain for Eternity
You shall in multitudes of mortal hearts keep stirring
An imperishable longing for the Sea

Since times long past, faded to the Deeps of time
You have remained a source of wonder and mystery
A vestige of the Powers long since hidden but in Rhyme
Yet a shade of it remains to live forever in the Sea.

You brought back for an ephemeral pause
A sense of what is lost and will forever be
A hint of the wonder of what Was
In the immeasurable depths of the Sea

The awe that mortal heart has for you and will ever
The fear and yet love that you inspire in us to be
The lost songs of Ancient times that sound again never
A shade of those tunes I hear in the roar of the Sea

Sister of Gaia you remain, yet mother of your own
Children who populate your restless Deeps
Yet all across Her is your name known
As the unconquered, the pitiless Sea

You are; what mortals dream to be; Purpose
Alone nought beyond it do you see
And Man is reminded briefly, of a flash of what he was
Before he surrendered his immortality…



I have been to the Deeps of the earth, under caves where the human mind cannot but feel despair, and have felt nothing. Places where ‘tis said that the Old Powers still abide in some strength, and have felt no presence, rather only absence: of human traces.

I have gone to remote shrines rumoured to be of great power and containing great energies; I have not felt much beyond solitude; unspoiled and unsoiled wilderness perhaps; but naught else.

Yet in the midst of swarming hordes, among the unwashed millions when I beheld the ceremonies taking place in some ancient temple of great renown: I was stunned at the Power emanating from that place. The sheer scale and magnificence of its architecture was mesmerizing in its entirety. The raw force of the will that cut such a great complex out of the living rock and created structures of such beauty is a breathtaking spectacle to behold. Whatever be its motivation or compulsion, human will was the adamantine tool that shaped structures out of stone, and no less the faith that moves people year after year to pay homage to the powers; real or imaginary; that were the cause of this creation. If that power were to be focussed towards building a temple FOR what mattered and OF what mattered then we would be a force to reckon with indeed.

Perhaps it is as well that Sight is possessed by few.

Shattered Hope

At the point of desolation
Where nothing grows but misery
And silences resound across the chasm

The chasm is bridged
A rope of daggers
Forays into discontinuity

In the Deeps of the Earth
Lie these barren caverns
Shielded from Light

The silence is broken
By the tinkling of shattering
Of crystal, growing in the rock-heart

It has yielded to the oppressive
Weight of the darkness
For a crystal of Hope it was…

The Daemon King

Little Arde plays in the orchard at noon
“Don’t go beyond the far stile” his mother calls
“Why not mama?”
“Because the Daemon King will get you” calls mama
To scare her son from wandering afar
But Arde cannot stop wondering
Who is this Daemon King?
With Satyr Hooves and Magic Ring
With crown of red iron
Hot of hellfire he is?
And lo across the stile he stands!

“Arde precious sugar honey lad
Come to me kingdom
I’ll feed you and treat you good
And you’ll naiver want to return from
My lovely lovely neighborhood!” Intones the Tempter
He of the horned head and tail spike
His voice is deep and rich
Like honey and sweet apples
Tall is he and dark like oak wood
“Come to me my little one!” croons the Daemon King

The little child of precious heart
Of trusting mind and open soul
The little boy with heart of gold
Would just as soon be ready to depart
When he remembers his mama
And rushes back in the direction of his home
But the Daemon King has put a spell
For time untold can him He hold
Or any in his own special Hell.
As he watches his victim’s mind unfold
To him most precious the immortal soul

“Begone you father of lies!” mama cries
“Your twisted horn and tail spiked
Can little harm a pure soul that defies!”
“Is it so little girl? Do you challenge the strength
Of a Being older than thy race of mortal minds?”
And Dark is his laughter and rich and beautiful
Like twilight in a dark forest when the day is about to die
“Does thy mortal soul dare to stand against Me, older than the night?
Do you dare to save thy child from thy race’s plight?
Or will you pray at the end of the day
And follow in Faust’s footsteps, Faust the imbecile
Who dared challenge Mephistopheles’ might?”
Roared Mephistopheles and his rage is terrible to behold.
Tall and dark was he with eyes bright
And tail spike curling with his might, Hot Hellfire in his gaze alight.
Stooping over like a cloud the Lord Mephistopheles
Bends and catches both Mother and Child
“Let all the angels that yet live come and see
What is the end and beginning of Mortal Folly!”
And he devours them by light of day, the Daemon King
For as night and twilight he holds under sway
And all is alight with power and terror and beauty
And peace under a cloak of Darkness
And peace under darkness
And terror and Peace…