Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Daemon King

Little Arde plays in the orchard at noon
“Don’t go beyond the far stile” his mother calls
“Why not mama?”
“Because the Daemon King will get you” calls mama
To scare her son from wandering afar
But Arde cannot stop wondering
Who is this Daemon King?
With Satyr Hooves and Magic Ring
With crown of red iron
Hot of hellfire he is?
And lo across the stile he stands!

“Arde precious sugar honey lad
Come to me kingdom
I’ll feed you and treat you good
And you’ll naiver want to return from
My lovely lovely neighborhood!” Intones the Tempter
He of the horned head and tail spike
His voice is deep and rich
Like honey and sweet apples
Tall is he and dark like oak wood
“Come to me my little one!” croons the Daemon King

The little child of precious heart
Of trusting mind and open soul
The little boy with heart of gold
Would just as soon be ready to depart
When he remembers his mama
And rushes back in the direction of his home
But the Daemon King has put a spell
For time untold can him He hold
Or any in his own special Hell.
As he watches his victim’s mind unfold
To him most precious the immortal soul

“Begone you father of lies!” mama cries
“Your twisted horn and tail spiked
Can little harm a pure soul that defies!”
“Is it so little girl? Do you challenge the strength
Of a Being older than thy race of mortal minds?”
And Dark is his laughter and rich and beautiful
Like twilight in a dark forest when the day is about to die
“Does thy mortal soul dare to stand against Me, older than the night?
Do you dare to save thy child from thy race’s plight?
Or will you pray at the end of the day
And follow in Faust’s footsteps, Faust the imbecile
Who dared challenge Mephistopheles’ might?”
Roared Mephistopheles and his rage is terrible to behold.
Tall and dark was he with eyes bright
And tail spike curling with his might, Hot Hellfire in his gaze alight.
Stooping over like a cloud the Lord Mephistopheles
Bends and catches both Mother and Child
“Let all the angels that yet live come and see
What is the end and beginning of Mortal Folly!”
And he devours them by light of day, the Daemon King
For as night and twilight he holds under sway
And all is alight with power and terror and beauty
And peace under a cloak of Darkness
And peace under darkness
And terror and Peace…

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