Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have been to the Deeps of the earth, under caves where the human mind cannot but feel despair, and have felt nothing. Places where ‘tis said that the Old Powers still abide in some strength, and have felt no presence, rather only absence: of human traces.

I have gone to remote shrines rumoured to be of great power and containing great energies; I have not felt much beyond solitude; unspoiled and unsoiled wilderness perhaps; but naught else.

Yet in the midst of swarming hordes, among the unwashed millions when I beheld the ceremonies taking place in some ancient temple of great renown: I was stunned at the Power emanating from that place. The sheer scale and magnificence of its architecture was mesmerizing in its entirety. The raw force of the will that cut such a great complex out of the living rock and created structures of such beauty is a breathtaking spectacle to behold. Whatever be its motivation or compulsion, human will was the adamantine tool that shaped structures out of stone, and no less the faith that moves people year after year to pay homage to the powers; real or imaginary; that were the cause of this creation. If that power were to be focussed towards building a temple FOR what mattered and OF what mattered then we would be a force to reckon with indeed.

Perhaps it is as well that Sight is possessed by few.

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