Thursday, January 1, 2009

Farewell to the sea

‘Tis with heavy heart and heavier feet
That I take my leave of thee
Boundless Ocean where heaven and earth meet
O mystery of mortals! O restless sea!

‘Twas a fateful day when I first met
And since that day you have stirred in me
The longing that I can’t forget nor regret
The unquenchable thirst for the Sound of the Sea

Your briny Deeps unexplored from Beginning
And Virgin you shall remain for Eternity
You shall in multitudes of mortal hearts keep stirring
An imperishable longing for the Sea

Since times long past, faded to the Deeps of time
You have remained a source of wonder and mystery
A vestige of the Powers long since hidden but in Rhyme
Yet a shade of it remains to live forever in the Sea.

You brought back for an ephemeral pause
A sense of what is lost and will forever be
A hint of the wonder of what Was
In the immeasurable depths of the Sea

The awe that mortal heart has for you and will ever
The fear and yet love that you inspire in us to be
The lost songs of Ancient times that sound again never
A shade of those tunes I hear in the roar of the Sea

Sister of Gaia you remain, yet mother of your own
Children who populate your restless Deeps
Yet all across Her is your name known
As the unconquered, the pitiless Sea

You are; what mortals dream to be; Purpose
Alone nought beyond it do you see
And Man is reminded briefly, of a flash of what he was
Before he surrendered his immortality…


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