Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Reason- Marijuana Fix

I walk in a dusty haze
Where dreams come and wake you from reality
Where slumber is the disturbance
An infinite melody of noise
Beseeches acceptance from reluctant ears
It's lonely out here in the crowd
And indistinct shapes lend company
to my solitude and my pain
I feel burdened by none
Of what matters to ordinary mortals
I soar above desire in a valley
Of air where I see my substance
My soul solidified by my fancies of thought
And dreams take flight
And are brought soaring up by the power
Of conscious thought made free
And unburdened, unchained save by air
Like an eagle I soar
In the deep vales of my own Dark consciousness
And I see my soul of fire
Unstained by flame or by mortality
Once is eternal
An instant spells doom
And the shards of immortality I gather
To save my dying spirit from the finality
And fear lest they pierce
the very thing they were meant to protect
I fly on in hope...

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