Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Sunbeams' Sorrow

Sitting in the sunshine
On a winter morning fading
Watching as the leaves fall in rhyme
Yellowed by autumn's jading
Brusquely bitter as the touch of time

The wind blows messages covertly
to ears deafened by its passion
and the words are lost in a mystery
the manner of things worldly in fashion
a burst of faded energy

Sunmbeams brave their way
through the burning touch of cold
and in gentle rhythmic sway
their healing touch unfold
and let Morning guide Day

The sunbeams that are lost
On their way through
the embittered touch of frost
they find sanctuary
in the embrace of moistly glowing clouds that need them most

Some sunbeams are lost forever
And the ways to Earth they cannot find
And in their bittered joy fading never
Their own happiness they bind
And those paths they trace...
Forever and ever and ever...

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