Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A much maligned verse...

The queen of hearts
She made some tarts
On a hot summer's day.

Being unwise
She didn't realise
That the King of Hearts was gay

All the kings
With silver rings
And moustaches dark as soot

All except our quiet, queer King
Without the silver ring
And clean shaven to boot

But not so naive
Was our queenly wife
And she found out the truth

"Off with their heads!"
As they lay in their bed
Cried our Hearty wife

But laws have changed
Become less deranged
Now 377 is gone for life

Now bug-ger-ing
Of its odious ring
Is forever shorn

And queer-O's say
And the day they have won!

So the queen of hearts
She made some tarts
On a hot summer's day

Eating the tarts she made
Screwn the Jack of Spades
The King of Hearts contented lay.


Anandi said...

Hmmmmm.....You do have a tendency of placing me between a rock and a hard place.

While your composition (?) is very pertinent, very intellegent, very relevant and very very impertinent (I mean this in a good way), it also makes me want to strangle you because I loved these lines from when I was a kid and you're positively doing a jig on it.You're desecrating Lewis Carroll's genius. You're ruining the sincerity of Alice in Wonderland.

Cheers you Knave.

Anandi said...

Sayan, if we are to continue a pertinent discussion and increase your comments, you will simply have to respond.
Stop behaving like a sitting duck!



Sayan said...

Ok. You know, on a totally different thread, seeing the makeup and music etc of Green Day, shouldn't they be named Alice & Blunder-man?

Sayan said...

Wow! I make really bad jokes sometimes! Genius!

Anandi said...

Yeah, and thank your lucky stars that I didn't see this comment at a weeker moment.

While Greenday's make-up is unbelievable, I do like some of their songs. When I want to feel miserable. But yes, some are good. You have to (if you don't already) listen to stereophonics.