Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fruitless yet fulfilling

And we chase shadows all our lives
Looking for neither the source: the object
Nor the cause: the light
Whose path when crossed leads
To the thing we chase across
The sepia-stained surface of life

For we can neither touch the shadows
Nor feel them as they graze us
Neither capture them nor free them
From their canvas, this Wall
Why then do we chase?
Why do we seek?
What do we find ultimately?
In the end... what mattered?

The shadows colour not the wall
Yet the wall is coloured innately
And the shift of stains occur
As meaninglessly as the passage of time
And the shadows flit from stain to stain
Here: lost amidst darker stains
There: darkening a brighter patch

They are levellers
They are untouchable
Indomitable, inextinguishable save
For if their source or cause be lost
And that cannot be for no one seeks
Thus it becomes known
Why we chase shadows

We are unequal all of us
We need levelling, we seek levellers
We are mortal, we seek the immortals
We do not know our source
So we seek that whose source cannot be seen
We are the shadows
And the shadows chase us
Across the wall
Across our lives
Across our world

And this is our quest
It bears no fruit
For we cannot hold what we find
Occupation bears no result
Yet we continue
For it is fulfilling
Though fruitless

To the world- "I observe and I learn"
To me- "I live"
To all else- "Why?"


Anandi said...

This is genius.

I like that you've touched upon the concept of levellers.

But you know what, they always fail.

Sayan said...

Yup. All men are born unequal. So they die different

prashasti said...

The last two lines are amazing sayan
they say so much ....
you r awesome ( i say this with heavy heart):D

Sayan said...

Thank you Prashasti! :p