Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riddle of the dreamer

I am from yonder mountain range
I am he whom men call strange
I am the bringer of sorrowful laughter
I am the tears that joy runs after

I am the night moonlit so bright
I am the darkness shrouded day
I am He who arises in might
I walked when Time in his crib still lay

I am the coolness of burning fire
I am the heat in the crystals of snow
I am the indifference in every desire
I am the future dreamt so long ago

I am one and I am all
I am one and I am none
I am legion
I am untraceable
I am intangible
I am legion
I am fire born from ashes
I am waterfall in ice enslaved
I am energy
I am all
But most of all
I am none
And I am nothing

1 comment:

Anandi said...

This is one of your best. But I hated the last bit.