Thursday, July 29, 2010

Destiny beckons us all

He walks along the seashore
His dancing feet leave little print upon
The sandy seaside sparkling before
His eyes they scan the far horizon
He looks to the waves crashing-swirling
Upon the banks of Ocean unbound
He looks to still the sea-fire burning
Withing his heart hence hidden, now newly found...

He dances to a little boat moored upon the shore
His eyes look longingly seeking the sea
For upon land they shall turn no more
For he has at last found his way to be free
Not of pain nor burdens of which  he has few
But free of a longing within his boy-bright heart
Since childhood he has seen birds that flew
And never to return once they depart

His heart dances with the waves
His little boat dances out to meet
The great ocean: mysterious and grave
His joyous laugh greets the spray-salt-sea
And his longing is stilled at last
Now he looks to the approaching horizon with glee
And the oars his hands hold fast
For he is rushing to greet his destiny...

A thing few of us can ever meet
And fewer far can greet
The boy bids no farewell
For of return he cannot tell
And the birds fly above and greet
The boy who ran to his destiny meet....


Anonymous said...

brilliant dude!

Sayan said...

Thanks suraj!