Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Lamp post

I walked the roads alone at night
The shadows of the trees washed over me
I saw you golden ebulliently bright
As you stood like a watchful sentry
There is something eerie about this time
Half-formed fears chase around ones mind
And the heart races of its own accord
Without regard to rhythm or rhyme
The shadows deepen in the reaches beyond
Your goodly golden glowing light
And one fears to stray very far from
Your light glowing brilliantly bright

Why do my thoughts circle around so?
Why do so many answers I not know?
Where are the questions formed inside the mind?
Why does dark the mortal brain excite?

Do we retain some dark fears unformed
From the years spent in caves long ago?
Through centuries of progress are men being born
Yet in the dark, once again we do not know
What silent fear yet stalks us still?
It's deadly breath on our neck forms chill
Yet as protection from the guiles of the night
Are you long-standing friend golden bright.

You and your kind have sheltered us long
Through the darkness both within and without
In the cold darkness of chaos you hold order strong
Through the creeping chills of fear and doubt

Light is thought and thought is light
Order in the chaos of the night
Yet as order must from chaos spring
Yet chaos again shall forth from order bring
And the circle without beginning cannot end
Yet light will always be a comfort in the night...


Shashwat said...

man...the last para...sets off a different a different level all together...brilliant...

Sayan said...

Thank you!