Monday, April 4, 2011

These Memories of Joy

I watched the Indian team as they lifted the world cup on their shoulders. I also watched my friends and college-mates as we ran riot on campus. I remember thinking: "We are now part of history, the generation that saw the world cup come back to us" and thanking fate that it happened while we were still in college. We have one more month to go before each of us parts, perhaps forever, and follows each his own path. We are drinking in every moment of every day of this magical last year. This year, this time, will never come back save in memory...

They laughed in the sunlight
Jumping with joy golden as
The streaking sunbeams
That flashed across their
Happy faces
They were young and strong
With laughter that only the
Bubbling of youthful joy can bring
Each drank in the moment
To his own measure and need
Seeing all the same but remembering
Apart what today feels like
They leap and bound among peals
Of laughter that colour their faces gold
They live now as much as they can
For, years later when aged
And weary of walking they run only
In their minds to those days so long ago
When they were young and free
Light of loads and carrying bundles
Of joy unbounded and uncontained
They shall remember and be glad
In a small corner of their hearts
They shall live those golden moments
Again and again and never tire
In their minds as once they did not in body
Of those memories of joy

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