Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is how I've always perceived memories.

A room to curl up in away from the noise
Streets you walk in times of emptiness
When all seems bleak, empty or merely devoid
Of any colour cadence or illumination
I walk streets seen years before
I jump for joy on tiles I stepped as a child
I walk in the mountains and sit by the sea-shore
Inside my mind it is vivid
It is bright
Full of light
And with it darkness made
A  tapestry of checquered shades
It is recovery
Sometimes it is the malady
Yet even memories of rain
Ease the sunshine into ones being.

I know I know, it's bad, but at least it's something. After this horrible dry spell, it's all I've got... cheers


Sucheta said...

Here's a secret: It's never as bad as it is in your head.

Lurked around this space after a long time today. Saddens me that a lot of regular bloggers are writing with a ridiculously reduced frequency.

Hope you're back for good.

Sayan said...

Yes. Thank you.

I hope to be back more frequently. Hope to write everyday. I wish you the same.