Thursday, April 12, 2012


I don't know where I'm going. Or why I'm going. I do know how though. Logic devoid of reason is Chaos. All the more so because it wears a cloak of Order.

Erasing the lines across your face
Across the trail left by the things left unsaid
What you cannot erase shall cease anyway
And build up and destroy its own

Its a testament to unreality
Because only that exists what we see
Everything that exists is so because we
Dream it up in our own pseudo-rationality
Not realizing that we're rationalizing
Until infinity
Swallows and is swallowed by

Like a snake
Eating its own tail
Going round in a circle
And in its own destruction it sustains
Itself mindlessly
There is no time if there is no

Is a shadow
Of what doesn't exist
In not-being it is-not
And thus is the anti
And in the anti it is
As a mirror of what is
And what will be
Is in the anti not-is
And never-be
Like infinite spirals in


kathydobbs said...

Very imaginative poem. I like it.

kathydobbs said...

I hope to post more in the future. I plan to visit the west valley area where I used to live and contact some of my old schoolmates from West Jordan Middle and West Jordan High and find any other information I can about Nancy Williams.
I remember that some of them had written their own personal prayers to Ms. Williams. If I can contact them again, I would hope to encourage them to send me their prayers to Ms. Williams and then I can post them here.