Friday, December 5, 2008

The Nameless Ones

Faceless you appear
And Nameless
For a name is a mark of what you have lost
Your humanity?

Was it that even
For losing it was so easy?
Swayed by the shivering drops
Of honey on a serpents tongue...

Do you value life so much
That you seize others' in your hands?
Or is your cause so brittle
That it needs a pillar of Blood?

Force of Hand
Void of mind
Insanity where reason resides
Is this you?

Fools in your faith
In the words of others
And rotten in the core
Of your reasons shallow

The smoke of extinguished minds
As inconsequential wisps
And the gleam in a madman's eye
Your fanatical light

By the power of Mind
And Thought
And Reason
And Self

You are pronounced Nameless
You are henceforth Faceless
You are deprived of your self
And a blank where Soul should be

But in you school of thought
Perhaps this IS the ideal
Perhaps THIS is what you always wanted
To be... O Nameless Ones...

1 comment:

I am said...

nothing could be more brilliant, than the artistry with which you have beaded these words. i love your thought!
i love the poem!
it is sad to see what is happening, i was angry, but that is worthless.
i feel humiliated, when faith drives people to commit such atrocities.
i am a true believer in my faith, i feel vulnerable!