Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chaotic Dreams-Memories of Atlantis

The green sea swims
Among the once magnificent ruins
Fish and ferns follow
The echoes of decadent steps in the past
Taken long ago in splendour
And the faint shadows of power
Flit noiselessly from corner to corner
And salty brine
Drenches floors once bathed by fragrant wine
Such is the way of Time
The diadem of Destiny
And the feet of Fate
Leaving prints across the sands
Of a thousand lives
And leaving nothing to survive
What was, save a few fragrant
Shadows of memory
The mighty and the puny
The symphony and cacophony
All alike beaten to pieces
By the relentless rhythm
The remorseless beat
That etches a searing staccato
Across our pitiful past
Some run, most cower, few fight
Yet all suffer
Mountains are shrunk
Rivers desiccated
The air itself altered in essence
And yet these are the Unconquerables
These are the Constants
The Ideals of Man likewise
And none shall live to remember
What was and what will be
And the cycle shall go on forevermore
Till Eternity itself is eaten
By Time


Anonymous said...

interesting...keep it coming...oh, and check this one out, laughed my head off...

Captain Aloof said...

I like the last line, quite a thought!

Sayan said...