Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Characterized Chaos- Part the Second

In the heart of hearts of
An aged king on a crumbling crystal throne
Lived the desire to live
And bleeding virgins were drained
And spent forces turned to evil
And lions roamed the streets
Mothers fed their children to them
And demons wept in shame
For chaos was ordered
And death danced with Ate
The diadem of Gaia was split
And blood gushed forth from seas
The oceans were stilled
And mountains in indecent motion
And Time went on
Truth lived in shame
But Time went on...


I am said...
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I am said...

i understand that I'll be too calculable if i say it is remarkable! , but sometimes we all already know it.!
it was undoubtedly enticing, and wonderfully arresting. i wonder what gives you the inspiration to breach the boundaries of regular thoughts. it is so difficult for me to think beyond my self, ever so often. i especially liked the few lines in the middle, ((reminded me of a few lines from Julius Caesar)).
and thanks for the extra knowledge!
ill be waiting for the next entry!