Sunday, November 9, 2008


A friend once remarked to me that I "analyze things to pieces and they hit me on my face". Perhaps most people, like her, labour under the delusion that analysis must be destructive in nature for we are splitting the thing into pieces in trying to determine how it works.

True analysis however lies in RECONSTRUCTING the object of study mentally; and in the process perhaps creating alternatives; and determining its functionality/utility/depth.

It is not forced, rather it is a spontaneous exercise of the developed mind. And as for those who say that: "it destroys the unexplained unsaid vistas of thought" are merely in a comfort zone created by their own delusions. Why bother to look behind the mask when it itself is so beautiful? Such people would say. But it is also neccesary (albeit only sometimes, I will concede) to know the motivating force behind that mask, the creative energy that spurred it to BE

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