Friday, January 14, 2011

The Lament of the gods

In dusk the days glory revealed
Death: bright-last-light of mortal coil
As the wind of change blows errant afield
Where mortal man does ever toil
It is we immortals who equally see
Both light and the shadow-black-dark
And as we see the River-Time flows implacably
As from the life-breath do things part...

The world changes and Earth turns
The day and the night dance eternally
The rivers flow and the flames burn
And truly, change seems the only certainty
Yet what of we who do not die?
Who are doomed to endure unceasingly
Spectators in a changing world that passes us by
Prisoners in our chains of immortality...

What cannot end cannot truly be
In a circle unending do the Twins dance
The two snakes Life-Death entwined for eternity
And  their music the song of Time, Fate and Chance
Yet we are apart, a different path we tread
For this cursed immortality do children-men try
Away from the Circles of the World our 'life' we lead
In living forever do we Undying cry...

And our tears are in the songs of this world
And our pain is perceived by those who can See
And in our sorrow we can feel but Love
For mortals, in their short lives their joy and their misery
And our song is echoed by the silent mountains
And by the birds that fly high in the sky above
And  is echoed in the rivers and the fountains
And the sound of the Sea is the song of our love...

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