Monday, March 1, 2010


A cold grey haze seems all that can be seen of the landscape. Perhaps one's corporeal environment mirrors the scape of one's mind. Even colours die, choking to their gasping demise as they straggle towards the infinite tunnels of my vision. The world is a bright place, just unfortunate that the only light is a dull gray. All colours are white they say, and no colour? Black or white? Or is any monochrome a monotone?

And music? Does the mind still dance with once-loved strains or does past happiness become just a reminder of loss? A stark contrast or momentary relief? How does one look at it? How SHOULD one look at it? SHOULD one? Is there a should? Should there be a should? Is that statement a loop?

For if shoulds shouldn't be, then in shouldn't i.e 'not should' the should already exists...

Hence shoulds exist. Or should exist.

Ok. Back to life... Or un-life.

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Anandi said...

This is rather alarming. Good. But alarming.vathost