Thursday, March 25, 2010

For My Love

I'm on a boat in a wide-choppy sea
Rowing into the distance, towards what I see
Amidst raging, rising-towering waves
And each one may well be my Fate-chosen grave
But one thought in my mind runs free
Wilder than even this most tameless of seas
Ah! This joy that I feel it to be true
Oh my love! I row to you!

For beyond the reaches of Destiny
Shall I come and find you... My LOVE

The waves are coming now thick and fast
I fear not their fury, but my boat will not last
For being of but wood it doesn't have love nor memory
It has naught of the strength that sustains me
The rain keeps pouring down in wrath unabated
I fear you not death! To embrace you are all men fated
I fear only delay that keeps me from her
For if my boat downs, I will swim thither...

For beyond the reaches of Destiny
Shall I come and be with you... My LOVE!

O ocean! In your impetuos force indulged without thinking
You have struck home at last, my boat is now sinking
Shedding all but my closest of garments I leap
From the safety of my bark, into the Deep
Alone in the ocean, fast I have to swim to shore
My love waits for me, I can tarry no more
For she too holds her breath, waiting under the trees
And wondering-wandering, questions the breeze

For beyond the depth of the deepest sea
Shall I swim to you My LOVE...

Ah the ocean so grim and dark it seems
Yet it contains all rivers and bubbling streams
It's depths house lore and black-secrets unknown to all
Save the Weavers of Fate in their dark-brooding halls
Yet it is not alone a place of mystery, it's alive
Life is here, as on shore, older perhaps but yet life
For far before the fathers of men trode the paths on shore
Life has been here from yet centuries before

I cannot fathom the myteries of the sea
Yet I shall come to you My LOVE...

Down and down I seem to go
Yet which is up I cannot know
The icy darkness embraces me
Not yet death, it is the clasp of the sea
Far down below, where human souls dare not tread
Lies an ancient forest, trees with fishes in birds stead
What lies inside this mysterious wood?
Forces of darkness? Or yet some hope of good?

I enter this forest unwillingly
Yet I shall return to you My LOVE

Inside the seaweed-wood lies an ancient throne
On it sits the Sea-King, the Earthshaker Lord Unknown
He looks at me with a cold glazed eye and booms
"What be your truck mortal?" and his long-dark shadow looms
He asks me why I travel where none dare to tread
I tell him of my greatest need
I tell him I promised her not long ago
That I will come to her, come rain, come snow.

I shake before the King of the Sea
Will I see you again My LOVE?

"Your love is long gone and lost, she awaits you no more!
She has been lost and perhaps has floated to some distant shore!"
Ah! Swords of ice do pierce my heart when I hear that fearsome doom
Oh! Icy darkness threatens as his Dark voice thus booms
I speak out:"I shall go nonetheless and see with my own eyes"
"This rumour that you have put forth of my love's demise...
I fear not your darkness, nor this wet-slimy grave
For my love and for me I can all this brave!"

Thus I defy Poseidon the Mighty
I hope I shall find you again My LOVE...

"Mortal man with death as doom, foolishly you defy
The wisdom of the ageless sea, the God who does not die!
Yet valour yours hitherto unseen from one of your short-lived race
To thus answer with such rashness, Poseidon to his face!
Come stay here with me, as Lord of my Dominions
And all knowledge of the sea, yours as are my minions
Forsake your foolish love-lorn quest, I give you eternal life
If only you forsake your land, your love, your wife."

The Earthshaker with gifts tempts me
Yet it affects me not My LOVE!

"What value does your knowledge have O King bereft of soul?
Will your minions scour the sea and make my broken whole?
Nay, tempt me not O glorious god, much honour you bestow
This despite, I'll keep on till I see my love once more..."

"Then Begone from here cursed man, beloved of Death alone
Your love is lost and gone, forever in agony you shall moan!"
The Sea King shook his trident, and threw me from the Deep
I opened my eyes on a shore well known, wakened from my sleep

At last I have reached free!
I shall see you now My LOVE!!!

I reached the trysted meeting-spot and saw you were not there
The scarf that once your head adorned, along with a lock of scented hair
Lay on the sandy beach, I heard a wise-white gull exclaim
"She's gone from here, she waited long, the ocean has now claimed
There is naught else left of her, save your memory..."
I wept then my love, I felt at last a grief for you were lost to me
But I gathered my wits at last, and dived into the Deeps once more
I will not rest till I find you, my love awaits me now at the Forbidden Shores

Even death shall not steal you from me
I shall now be with you for ETERNITY...

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