Saturday, March 13, 2010


Life goes on. It really does. Someone who's never been sad, can s/he ever be happy? Is that a stupid question? I saw this on a dusty spring evening, some answers create more questions...

Lie lie lie in the wind's arms
Oh tiny leaf! Where do you go?
Blown hither and thither...

Why are you?
Who are you?
Will you be?
Were you ever?

Are you free little leaf?

Were you not happier in the arms
of your mother? With your kin?

Now you blow through fields and farms
And grief you all weathers bring?

Were you content to grow in your stem...
Be a good big leaf and feed Grandfather?

What of your kin? Do you think of them?
As you drift farther and farther?

Do you know where you go?
Why you go?
Do you go?

Or are you carried
By forces mightier
Endlessly harried
Till your approaching-end near?

Closer to you than your leaf-brother
And dear than your aunt-flower
Tiny droplets of water that gather
And wet-rain-water they empower

They like you were once part
of a whole greater than them
But unlike you they will depart
to that same whence they came

You will return too, for sure
But you will go to a greater whole
will be dust once more
From whence came your whole
And whence all will go
When the tale of Time is told.

So is the drop or are you...
If fortune can be applied to such as you?

Can it?
Is it?
Will it?