Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shpongle? Maybe...

Dancing dancing light-bar-waves
Colours of music generate
And in the midst of melody
Do the dancing-joyous celebrate!

One note from a woodland tree
One bar from a flowing spring
All notes in concordant harmony!
My great-joyous-bones do ring!

Melody melody flowing pure
Like water from the river-music gold
Of your taste I am unsure
Yet of your joy a thousandfold!

Good music like good wine
Has to have a darker taste
Yet in that depth so fine
Does run the joy-spring with lovely-haste!

Ringing, running, holding tight!
In torrid day or sleepless night.
Those golden notes of joy unfold
Like pure-poured strands of molten-gold.


Anandi said...

I see leprechauns.
Honestly, not one of your best. Or maybe it is. I just don't associate such happy and.....bouyant poems from you I guess.
(I like the 'light bar waves')

Sayan said...

Thanks... Why don't you expect happy poems from me Anandi? Joy is what I was, it may not be what I am, but I will be.

Anandi said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm. It's a first time after a long time that you called me by my name.
And did you know, my Uncle's pet name's Joy.

Sayan said...

No I didn't. Why are you underground?