Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Nameless Youth and The struggle against the shadow

Part the First

The winter breeze seems to linger
Into the early hours of infant dawn
As She rises, her rosy fingers
Light up the sky and begin the morn
Yet the light is a cold one
For it has not the accustomed warmth of Sol
Though day has, in name begun
Yet the chill of night lingers…and with it, the Shadow untold

The traveler greets the Sun with joy
For Light is ever the hope of Man
Hope that Light will destroy
The Shadows that lurk in their lairs
Yet they linger on
And hope is routed fast
Despair ever swift comes to take its place
His spirit crumbles at last

In the absence of warmth
In the bitter cold
In the Dark-stalked path
Untold Torment unfolds
The Shades swirl in Hate
There arises a dark form
The Shadow-King’s awakening
Hath brought with it the Storm

Tall and proud rises He
Yet Tainted is his presence
Enemy of Light from the Ageless Past
Infinite in malevolence
“Behold the Dark mortal weak”
his booming voice intones
“Walk upon my side
else be burned unto thy bones”

Prouder and taller rises the wayfarer
“Nay” roars he with furied voice
“Thine are black in heart and dark in mind
So I spurn thy choice”
Great though was his will
The malice of Darkness was longer
No doubts there were if battle began
Of who would emerge the stronger

“Thou darest slight me, insolent fool?”
Raged the voice of Malice
“I wouldst cast thee down to the Deeps
And then thou shalt know thy place”
“Go down if I shall forsooth”
The Traveler replies
“For’ard arms!” roared the spirited youth
and draws his sword to defy

That ancient blade forged long ago
In the misted Deeps of the Ageless Past
With cunning art and skilled hand forged
The ravages of time it was meant to last
Keener than the gleaming edge
Shone the runes upon its forte and hilt
Carved by Mages of Light, Foes of Dark
To wither Shadow it was built

And finding Shadow’s nether flesh
The enchanted steel grew bright
And even in that Shade-lair
It brought a memory of the Light
High sprang the youth with Lion-roar
And smote the Shadow-King on his breast
Yet as all that lives forevermore
The Dark Lord would not lightly lay to rest

He leapt u p with a mighty shout
Of Rage and limitless Hate
His power waxed in the darkness
And his Malice could not abate
All Powers have their bound
And no different was the sword
And to his dismay the warrior found
When the King broke it with a Word

The Word was one of great power
Spoken from the mouth of the Shadow King
Dark and Tall as an infernal tower
Boundless misery does he bring
To earth and all that is beauty
Withers as all Dark things flourish
With His malice and hate does He nourish
The stains and Taints upon the beauty of the Light

With broken sword and shatter’d spirit
The youth crouches low
Preparing for a final stand
Before the mortal blow
The Dark King raises his mighty hand
And remorselessly crushes his feeble foe
Fruitless and futile was his stand
For none can prevail against the Black Hand…..
…..Of Eternal Shadow