Friday, October 24, 2008

An Ode to Cigarettes

O noble stick!
full of life and love.
Your smoke rising in spirals thin and thick,
rising far far away to the heaven's above...

Remover of cares, alleviator of sorrow
One smoke and no problem of the day
Seems to pester tommorow
For your divine smoke carries them away...

A constant companion
A friend forever
In loyalty I blow my clarion
Whose notes shall fade never...

Followers you have few
And foes in hosts
Yet your spirit shall we carry through
And I say this not in idle boast!

Your shape so fine !
Linear and compact
You represent the divine
gods' creation intact...

For symmetry and grace define
Your shape and purpose
And anyone can recline
To have a smoke to make better from worse

And this ode I dedicate to you
Holy cigarette Godsboon!
And my spirit shall forever remain true
And come and join you in the Cosmos soon...

1 comment:

Aarushi said...

I thought that you were trying to quit...