Friday, October 31, 2008


The very concept is false and unreal, it cannot exist for its existence implies that any change occurring thence will be degradation, hence no scope for improvement. Hence since change and improvement are inevitable and this state resists or makes them redundant. Perfection is a stagnant state and hence not PERFECT. Thus: perfection is unattainable and impossible.

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I am said...

i am partially convinced by what you said, but now i am struggling with my entire idea of perfection, [[which was motivated by the back-cover of R.D Sharma grade 6,7,8,9,10]
Perfection, is a figment of our imagination. i'd say, the entire process of achieving perfection only gives birth to change. Perfection is just a thought yet to be conceived in is just a force that drives us to be different in our approach, every time, to achieving our set parameters of perfection. the question is not no whether perfect is perfect or not.
perfection is not universal and absolute, as we mostly take it to be, because there has never existed anything perfect- that we can idealise. perfection is just our custom, a ritual which binds us to better than before.
i might i have just gone put of way, but i warned u earlier, i am confused! ;)