Thursday, October 2, 2008


I remember a day, years ago
A cold crisp morning darkened with clouds
The grass wet with dew, cool and green
I played with my friends on the grass
Innocent games all children play

I remember an evening, reddened by sunset
A cloudy sky brewing a dust storm,
The red sky threatens to burst
With rain to cool the hot green grass upon
Which I played in ignorant bliss
Unaware of sorrow and pain save bruises

I remember a rainy day
Watching the rain from the school corridor
Watching the green grass
Covered with drops drizzling
Watching with friends in silence
Companions beyond need of words

I remember a cloudy morn
Shopping with Mother
Her arm, her presence a comfort
A shield against all sorrow
I run as a child, unbridled upon the grass
Green and fair, laughing
Playing, joyful as only a child can be

I remember a musty after noon in school
Sitting in class, longingly watching the playground
Friends around me share the same thought
We joke about the future our hearts light
Gazes wandering into the green grass
Beckoning, calling us to play cradled in her emerald embrace,
Child once more on manhood’s threshold

I remember a rainy afternoon at a friend’s house
Waiting for the rain to abate
Sharing one umbrella all of us
At peace in the rain
Playing on the emerald fields
Diamond drops sprinkled
Free for a while before return to the mundane

Remembrances the sparks igniting the fierce passions
Of memories and bygones
Memory lingers long after time has withered all
Yet even memories must fade
And so have mine, but not
Sepia –stained or discolored
Mine have the colour emerald
The colour of the Eternal Mother
And emerald is the hue of joy

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